Hi. I guess we do blogs now. What is old is new again. My first blog was in 1996… it is so old, that not even the way back machine has it… so why would I start one again, in 2020?

  • I find myself repeating a lot of cyber security thoughts and ideas from first principles
  • I have sons for whom I genuinely wish to leave a positive legacy
  • Not all I do is 100% related to the entrepreneurial activities I’m involved in, that’s what this blog is for

I also like the idea of a personal blog to practice the discipline of writing and owning the content/platform it is on, rather than offering it over to a social media platform.

I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by incredible people from whom I’ve learned everything I know. I have equally deep appreciation for academia as I do for self-learning because we need experts from both camps to make sense of this web we’ve woven (www).

I used to speak 4.5 languages, but a jack of all trades is a master of none, so my focus is now to stick to English. Sadly even our children are relegated to learning other languages via Duo Lingo instead of father-to-son. Sorry boys, but I think we have our work cut out enough as it is, without having multiple cultures and languages to maintain. English is the worst, most senseless, confusing, inconsistent language, and yet it wins on distributed authorship, incredible drama and creativity with a never-ending increase in vocabulary. We’re basically stuck with it and it continues to dominate the planet.

As far as I can tell, command of the English language and pogonotrophy are the only requirements for optics of cyber security expertise.

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