TWINN #65 Browser-in-the-Browser Phishing

Stories linked in video: Behold, a password phishing site that can trick even savvy users. Russia hacked Ukrainian satellite communications, officials believe. Starlink, though, that runs a low-earth orbit satellite network for internet access appears unaffected. Lapsus$ hackers leak 37GB of Microsoft’s alleged source code.   White House warns of possible Russian cyberstrike on USContinue reading “TWINN #65 Browser-in-the-Browser Phishing”

No bounty for Guided Access Escape

When some of our sons found out about Apple’s Security Bounty, their eyes lit right up, naturally. In our family, limiting screen-time is part of our family culture, and one of the ways we achieve this is through a really cool feature called Guided Access. Guided Access basically locks an iOS device to a specificContinue reading “No bounty for Guided Access Escape”